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In the last few months, life seems to have paused.  Keeping social distance and having our masks ready to go, our little world as indie developers seems to have become smaller than ever.

Within the solitude of our 2-person studio, with Twitter and Skype as our only means of contact with the rest of the indie community, we continue to work at Mutropolis. Which, at least, makes us happy.

Emerging out into the light, we have a few pieces of news to share with all of you, readers of isolation!


We’ve finally started the voice-over work for Mutropolis! We can’t deny it’s one of the areas we’ve been waiting for with the most enthusiasm. It’s so exciting to give voices to your beloved characters and see them come to life.

Thanks to the support of our publisher, Application Systems Heidelberg; and our voiceover director, Alasdair Beckett-King; it is now a reality. It’s still early days, but we already have a pretty good idea of what Mutropolis will sound like – and it’s lovely! We can’t wait to share it with you 🙂

The casting has been an incredibly exciting, yet bittersweet experience. If you have a delicate soul and hate having to make transcendental decisions (like having to choose between two very talented actors!) it’s especially daunting.

We couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. We hope that in a very short time we can start showing Mutropolis, full of voices and present our talented actors to you.


No doubt more mixed feelings on this issue too! Pablo and I have been dreaming of going to Gamescom for years. We’ve come close to going on several occasions, but due to budget and/or schedule we hadn’t been able to go. Ahem, yes. Mostly because of the budget.

But, thanks to ASH, this was our year! It breaks our hearts not to be able to physically attend the event, but we will try to enjoy the online format to the fullest.

Gamescom joins the list of events in which we’ve participated from the comfort of our homes, along with the Steam Summer Festival and EGX.

We’re already working on what content we’re going to show you. For more information, follow us on Twitter.


We’ve been working hard and there are now fewer milestones to reach before the release of the game.

Last month we finished the English translation. As Spanish speakers, we had built the script of the game in Spanish. While it’s a pleasure to write in your native language, most players (obviously not Spanish speakers) would not be able to enjoy the nuances of the Spanish version. That’s why ASH suggested that the English version of the game had to be more than just a hired translation. With the vital collaboration of Alasdair Beckett-King, we built a fresh and improved English version.

We are currently working on fixing some unexpected bugs in the game’s menus (they are always unexpected!), adding new graphics and optimizing performance.

We still have to start recording the voices, translate Mutropolis to other languages and start a last round of beta-testing.

We hope to be able to give a release date soon!

Until next time, with love – Bea and Pablo , Pirita Studio.

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