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Mars, archaeology, ancient Egyptian gods, relics, spaceships, an abandoned earth, and geeky protagonists = a winning combination that puts a smile on our face. ♡

Mutropolis focuses on the concept of misinterpreting history; how human beings love to craft exciting theories about how people lived in ancient Rome, how the pyramids were built, or how soft the hair of the mammoths was (thanks to DNA we can confirm that it was VERY, VERY soft).

Mutropolis places us directly in the action. 3000 years into the future, to be precise. On a wild planet Earth abandoned by humanity, at a time when humans have happily settled on Mars after a mysterious cataclysm has devastated the Earth. Along with a group of archaeologists, the player will be able to investigate inconceivable relics, ancient graffiti, the mummified remains of Jimmy Hoffa, strange animals, and new languages based on the dead language of emoticons.

Your steps through Mutropolis will lead you to investigate a forgotten planet Earth, but the background story of Mutropolis goes much, much further.


Although the action takes place on Earth, Mars is a constant presence in the lives of our characters. Through their dialogues, belongings, and attitude we can find out about their lives on the Red Planet before they travelled to Earth.

Henry, our main character, grew up happily with his two Mothers in a modern farm near Mount Olympus. Cobra, the perpetually unpleasant partner of the group, became an archaeologist to escape the red planet along with her wealthy family. Meanwhile Totel, the old professor, had been looking for funding for decades for his most ambitious project: The search for ‘Mutropolis’.

Mars is present in the hearts of all the characters and is a protagonist in the story. A protagonist that, unfortunately, we don’t get to know.


In order to show a part of this small world that we had in our heads, we’ve decided to develop a short prequel for Mutropolis. Here we can set free all the crazy ideas in our heads that lay the foundation of the story we’ll tell in the final game.


We call the mini-game ‘Mutropolis: Mars Episodes’. The goal was to develop several small stories, all of them set on Mars, that would tell small fragments of the life of our protagonists; about their rural life on Mars, about the society, and about how the team that will later accompany us in Mutropolis met.

And that’s how we started to design a prequel! For the moment, we’ve focused on Totel’s story. It seemed like the right place to start, since he’s the crazy scholar who started it all and brought the team together.

The game takes us to Mars, where Totel has to deliver a conference to raise funds for his long-awaited expedition to planet Earth. An influential group of scientists listen carefully (and with very little patience) to his arguments about the existence of the lost city.

This small adventure will allow players to dive a bit deeper into the world of Mutropolis, its history, its extravagance and its humour. We hope you enjoy it! It’s totally FREE and you can play now:

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